You Gots Skills

About two years after having my first child, I went for a job interview at a major sports equipment chain store. 
They were looking for people interested in working from the ground up, moving through the levels, eventually working at the executive level.

My interviewers were the manager and executive manager of one of the stores — so, two men in suits, looking all serious and stuff.
I was only 22 years old at the time. Didn’t have a university degree, didn’t finish my HSC, hadn’t “worked” in the passed 3 years (when you include a complicated pregnancy.)
So I’m sitting there and the two businessmen have browsed through my extremely light CV then both look up at me.
Businessman 1: ‘So, Zoe, why do you think you’re qualified to join this company?’
I paused for a moment. I felt embarrassed. I was positive it was all over. What was the point in continuing this extremely awkward interview? Why had I worn those shoes? What was I even thinking, coming here? 
Then some kind of cosmic calm came over me. I thought about what I had been doing every day for the past two years. And I responded…
Me: ‘Well, I grew a human. Then gave birth to it. And have been raising it for the past two years.’
Both men stared blankly at me.
Me: ‘I’m not sure if you’ve been around one of those lately, but that basically covers every job you have here from packaging to CEO.’
I got the job.
Life gives you skills. 
Real life forces qualifications upon you. 
It doesn’t matter if you didn’t learn them in a conventional way. It matters that you have them and that you acknowledge them.
You gots skills people! Celebrate them!
P.S Dear Cosmic Calm, 
Would be great if you visited a little more often.



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