Express, Don’t Stress…

I’ve been working on a simple first draft self-compassion journal. Kind of a cross between a journal and a workbook. Something I write in each day that reminds me to get in touch with myself, my feelings about myself now — and the ones I would like to change.

I think it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of everyday life and lose track of how we feel about ourselves or how we think about ourselves.

So I’ve spent some time designing this journal/workbook, and three days ago I started to use it. 

And I LOVE it! I have found myself consciously drawn back to how I feel about myself and, in turn, how I think others feel about me. I’ve noticed I am already more in the moment with my thoughts and shifting the tone of my thoughts.

It had gotten me thinking about journaling in general. Which also got me thinking about the newish trend of adult colouring books. I think they’re a great idea and know a lot of women getting into them.

This one I found today is just wonderful, though. It really tops the heap in my book.

Here’s a look at it. I think it’s hilarious and clever. And a brilliant way to chill out after a stressful day. 

What about you? Any colouring in fans out there? Any emotion journallers? Would you use these kinds of colouring in sheets?

Zoe xxx


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