Simple Ramblings

I am simply adoring winter! The temperatures make it much easier to get around and get more done and I’m really loving that. I also love the way our landscape looks during the winter season. The sky is so clear and the colours are so vivid. I’ve been continuing to muck around with art stuffs. … More Simple Ramblings

You Gots Skills

About two years after having my first child, I went for a job interview at a major sports equipment chain store.  They were looking for people interested in working from the ground up, moving through the levels, eventually working at the executive level. My interviewers were the manager and executive manager of one of the … More You Gots Skills

A Date Gone Wrong

I once went on a date with a guy called Bob, who decided to surprise me at the end of the night by telling me that he would be rowing me home in a rowboat, rather than driving in a car. Backstory:he was my boyfriend. We lived next door to each other, and also lived … More A Date Gone Wrong